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The Board Boys Podcast

Dec 29, 2017

The Board Boys decided to get together over Christmas break to enjoy some delicious cookies, drink all the cocoa and steal most of the jewels, gems and artifacts from Lord Eradikus in Clank! In Space. 

In this week's BONUS episode we take a quick look and discuss our thoughts about Clank! In Space by Renegade...

Dec 21, 2017

Members of a 19th-century community fear the strange creatures that inhabit the surrounding forest. PLOT TWIST we didn't watch The Village, but we did play Village in this week's episode. Joined by resident cool guy, Brad Turk, the boys took turns strategically killing generations (RIP Great Aunt Judith) to score as...

Dec 7, 2017

Welcome to Episode Five of the Board Boys Podcast! Things got a little spooky in this episode as the Board Boys fought cultists, mobs and a few bad cases of insanity in Mansions of Madness.

Joined by Josh's lovely wife, Sammi, the group fought to their last breath frantically trying to escape Innsmouth alive. To...