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The Board Boys Podcast

Aug 17, 2023

Board Boy Bill is back in the saddle for a repeat appearance in Sabika, a game about balancing the lightning bolt with the infinity sign. Also, car fires, PP Rain, Chilling With My Pepsi Like Sheesh, Bowser's Back Door, and many other one episode catchphrases. 

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. - Jean Jacques Perrey

2:30 Cam's Top 2 Car Fires

11:15 Anomaly

15:30 The Logo Game

17:00 Frosthaven

25:30 Whistle Mountain

30:00 Burgle Bros

38:30 Sabika: Overview

43:45 I've Been Hurt - Bill Deal and the Rhondels

45:30 A Beaument with Mo: Unmatched

52:45 Sabika: Review

1:21:45 Sabika: Verdict

1:28:15 Board Boys Bump: Bitoku

1:33:15 Thank You, Patrons

1:34:30 The Ronettes - Be My Baby