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The Board Boys Podcast

Apr 13, 2023

Board Boys are back in business, baby, and playing Stefan Feld's new joint from Queen Games, Marrakesh. Is it the best game out there that has a Stefan Feld first player marker (and postcard and challenge coin)? 

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. - Jean Jacques Perrey

3:30 Shifting Stones

5:00 Escape the Dark Sector

9:00 Amsterdam

11:00 East India Companies

17:15 Nidavellir

21:15 Dice Manor

24:00 Marrakesh: Overview

31:00 Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills, and Nash

32:00 Marrakesh: Review

1:08:30 Marrakesh: Verdict

1:16:15 Top 5 Felds

1:18:30 Board Boys Bump: Ark Nova

1:23:45 Thank You, Patrons

1:24:45 Aicha - Khaled (Khaled is from Algeria, not Morocco, but they're neighbors and both speak French please lay off)